Strategic innovation requires a plan to create value.

to do something in a new way

innovate (verb):

and identify weaknesses.

Asses your strengths,

and define your ideal customer.

Match your strengths with opportunities in the market,

And Problems.


Their jobs

Learn about your customers.

by SOLVING those problems.

Create value...


Discover Your Potential.

SunCity Advising


Our innovation strategy solutions combine overarching frameworks with granular detail in order to develop a comprehensive value proposition that unlocks your growth potential.

One of our founders described strategy as, “always having a plan, but planning to change.”

In the globalized business environment of the 21st century nothing could be more applicable. The need to identify and adjust to the rapid changes in technology, customer preferences, and the marketplace make change management a critical component of any strategy. Our i2i process for strategy innovation and implementation has strategic change at its core. SunCity will help you understand the broader environment your business operates in and create strategies to meet your customer demands and then work with you on tactics to implement them successfully in your business.

Innovation Strategy Solutions

  • Value Proposition Development

    A strong value proposition is the key to sustainable growth. Our experts will help you match customer profiles with value maps to ensure you maximize your potential revenue.

  • Blue Ocean Creation

    Over the past decade the tools and frameworks for creating a “blue ocean” that makes competitions irrelevant have been used to help small and large businesses find radical success. SunCity has the experience with these tools to help you escape the “red ocean” and sail into the green.

  • 5 Forces Analysis (new SWOT)

    Supplier Power, Buyer Power, Threat of substitution, Threat of new Entry and Competitive Rivalry make up the 5 forces analysis and will help you better understand the internal and external forces that affect your business. This information allows you to make better choices and set appropriate strategic goals and is the evolution of a SWOT Analysis.

  • Change Management

    Our change specialists will help identify value-add changes and  help you navigate through changes efficiently. Our proprietary change management process leaves nothing to chance and can be applied to all areas of your business.

  • Six Sigma Coaching

    Our Six Sigma certified specialists can help you develop and implement procedures to reduce variance and increase quality across your business. Whether in the supply chain or on the factory floor SunCity is here to make you lean.

  • Business Plan Writing

    Whether you need a re-write of an old plan or an original built from scratch, we can help you plan for success and get investor attention with comprehensive marketing, operations and financial projections.

  • Pitch Deck Design

    This summary style business plan contains specific details investors want to hear and is designed as a presentation companion.

  • Financial Projections

    SunCity has extensive experience valuing start-ups and medium size businesses and uses industry standards combined with extensive research in order to develop credible, realistic projections.

  • KPI Development

    SunCity uses advanced analytics in order to mine your business data and develop key performance indicators to help inform your business decisions and understand how to measure your success.

  • Dashboard Implementation

    Dashboards allow you to instantly gauge the health of your business using industry standard metrics and custom KPIs.

i2i-optimization framework

A New Way to Optimize

i2i is the SunCity approach to iterative strategic optimization. We begin by defining your strategic goals. Then, we develop intitial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure our progress and start our process:

  1. Inputs
  2. Information
  3. Insights
  4. Implementation

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